Meade #505 Connector Cable Set

Connect your AudioStar controlled telescope to a Windows PC or iOS/Android device.

  • For AudioStar controlled telescopes
  • Telescope control by smartphone/tablet
  • Telescope control by Windows PC
  • AudioStar handbox firmware updates
  • UK warranty
Meade #505 Connector Cable Set
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Meade #505 Connector Cable Set (SKU: 07505). This cable can be used to connect your telescope to a Windows computer; or to an iOS/Android device in conjunction with the Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter (SKU: 608003).

For use with AudioStar handbox and AutoStar type #497 (full keypad) handbox as supplied as standard equipment on Meade telescopes including:

  • DS, DS-2000
  • StarNavigator, StarNavigator NG
  • ETX, ETX Observer
  • LXD55
  • LXD75
  • LT
  • LX65
  • LX80
  • LX85
  • LX90

Note: The #505 Connector Cable Set is not compatible with Meade AutoStar II and AutoStar III handboxes.

Note: The #505 Connector Cable Set is not compatible with Meade LS, LX200, LX600 and LX850 telescopes.




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Windows PC connectivity

This is a Windows PC to AudioStar handbox or AutoStar type #497 (full keypad) handbox connector cable only. Allows connection of a Meade AudioStar handbox or Meade AutoStar type #497 to a Windows PC via a serial port using Meade AutoStar Suite software, available for free download at

When used with appropriate software it allows for telescope control from the Windows PC, downloading software updates, and cloning the firmware of one handbox to another so you can share user created databases. Software not included.

Comes with a one metre 4-pin to 4-pin cable, a 1.8 metre 4-pin to 6-pin cable, and a 6-pin to RS-232 serial interface adapter.

Note: Computers without a RS-232 (Serial) port require an additional USB to Serial port adapter cable. The Meade USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter Cable (SKU: 07507) is sold separately.

iOS and Android connectivity

To control your telescope from an iOS or Android device the Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter (SKU: 608003) is required in conjunction with the Meade #505 Connector Cable Set.

The Meade StellaAccess app for iOS or Android devices is also a requirement. Please refer to the Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter product page for details.

Carries full one year UK warranty by Opticstar on behalf of Meade Instruments Corp.

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Meade #505 Connector Cable Set
Attribute Specification
Meade Product Code (SKU) 07505
Universal Product Code (UPC) 709942922103
Warranty 1 year UK warranty by Opticstar on behalf of Meade Instruments
Experience Level Intermediate
Interface 4-pin to 4-pin Cable - 0.9m (3 feet) 4-pin to 6-pin Cable - 1.8m (6 feet) 6-pin to RS-232 Adapter
Handbox Compatibility AudioStar and older hanboxes such as AutoStar type #497 (full keypad)
Telescope Compatibility DS, DS-2000, StarNavigator, StarNavigator NG, ETX, ETX Observer, LT, LXD55, LXD75, LX65, LX80, LX85, LX90
Computer Compatibility Microsoft Windows; 64-bit drivers for Windows 10/8/7; 32-bit drivers for Windows Vista/XP
Smartphone Compatibility Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter and Meade StellaAccess software are required for iOS and Android connectivity
Assembled Product Weight 30 grams
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