Meade AutoStar III

Star-align and control your telescope.

  • Telescope Handbox Controller
  • LS LightSwitch
  • Includes cable to telescope
  • UK warranty
Meade AutoStar III Handbox
  • Product code: 35-4700-13LF
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The AutoStar III computer controller with speaker helps you quickly find and GoTo over 30,000 objects in the night sky. With the AutoStar III Controller plugged into your Meade telescope the astronomical universe is in the palm of your hand. Never before has such powerful telescope technology been so easy to operate, even by the most casual observer. Coiled cord included.

View planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, comets and more-all at the push of a button. Don't know what you want to view this evening? Then go to the Tonight's Best™ tour in your AutoStar III. It automatically selects the best objects in the sky for that particular time and location.





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Meade AutoStar III Controller (SKU: 04700). Next generation Meade AutoStar III is compatible with the Meade LS (LightSwitch) telescopes. This amazing computerised celestial object locating system plugs into the telescope's handbox port allowing a quick telescope alignment.

Once aligned with the sky the AutoStar III is ready to take you to any object in the over 30,000 object database. In addition to GOTO and tracking capability the AutoStar III permits a wide array of fascinating and educational functions such as multiple Guided Tours, digital positional readouts, a database with user-defined objects and 9-Speed dual-axis movement. It includes coiled cord.

Important: Do not plug or unplug the AutoStar III handbox to your telescope while the telescope is switched on.

Important: Not compatible with Meade DS-2000, StarNavigator, ETX, LT, LX65, LX80, LX85, LX90, LX200, LX600, LX850.

Carries full one year UK warranty by Opticstar on behalf of Meade Instruments Corp.

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Meade AutoStar III
Attribute Specification
Meade Product Code (SKU) 35-4700-13LF
Universal Product Code (UPC) tbc
Warranty 1 year UK warranty by Opticstar on behalf of Meade Instruments
Experience Level Beginner
Cable Includes cable to connect the AutoStar III to the telescope
Telescope Compatibility LS LightSwitch
Object Database 30,000 objects
Astronomer Inside Included with multiple Guided Tours, "Tonight's Best"
Windows PC Connectivity Optional using the USB A-B cable and optional software such as AutoStar Suite download from website
iOS and Android Connectivity Optional using the Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter (SKU: 608003), USB A-B cable and StellaAccess software
Assembled Product Weight 150 grams; (plus cable: 30 grams)
Assembled Product Dimensions 17cm x 8.5cm x 2.5cm
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